Monte Nagler

To look through a camera and know that a mere fraction of a second of exposure can translate a fleeting image into a lifetime of enjoyment for you and me is a true joy. Through my photography, I want to say, "This is what I saw and felt and I want to share that."

Photographers have the ability to make visible what others can only sense. This concept excites me. I want to stir people's emotions with my photographs, get them to see the world in a fine light, and help them to appreciate life a little more. I've been through a lot of exciting times and adventures to obtain these photographs, and in doing so I've developed a keen awareness of the earth and its elements.

If I can help to instill in others some of the same feelings through my photographs, then a deep sense of accomplishment and satisfaction is mine. How fortunate I am to have a life work that is so satisfying and enjoyable. My intent is to share this with you.

Thanks in advance for sharing "what I felt and saw."


16x20 print – 24x30 matt unframed

Long Tail Boats   edition 17/50  $800.00

Sandstone Sculpture edition 8/50  $650.00

Water Gatherer edition 22/50 $950.00

Highway 27 edition 7/50  $650.00