Aykan Özener - Turkey

Born in 1964 in Balıkesir. His interest in photography started  during his high school years. However he began his photograph works in 1983.   
In 1987,  when  he became a member of AFSAD (Ankara Photograph Performers Association), he started new searches on photography. He is today continuing the photograph works independently after staying under the AFSAD framework between 1987 and 1995. During this period he graduated at the University of Selcuk, in the Department of Archaeology.  He is also about to complete his graduate study on the Archaeological Photography. Since 2000, he has continued to pass on his experience and knowledge on photography to his students in the Faculty of Fine Arts and in the Programme of Photography at the University of Canakkale Onsekiz Mart. He is also working as the academic advisor of the Photographic Society (COMUFOT) in the same university, which has been established by himself.               

The most frequently used themes by the photographer who is mainly interested in the conceptual component of the art of photography, are loneliness, desolation, sadness, mystery, simplicity, nostalgia, inertia.   

He opened his first individual exhibition with his work titled  “From yesterday to today (2)” in 1989. His other individual exhibitions are:

1992  “on Loneliness and Inertia (2)”,

1993  “from Back and Inside of the Stage”,

1996  “on Loneliness (3)”,

2002  “Journey in Time (2)”,

2005  “In the same city you were not able to turn grey”. ( 6 )

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