Pnina Yuhjtman

 Pnina worked  in the fields of art design and photography in Israel, Argentina and the United  States. She holds a Bachelor  of  Arts  degree  and  a certificate in the Interior design. In addition, she has studied photography in Israel and new Jersey. 
She has exhibited  her  unique  art  photography  in  both   the  United  States and Israel. Her technique manipulates Polaroid film to achieve an ethereal quality in everyday objects  and  natural  settings.  Her  areas  of  expertise include  Portraiture,  still  life  and landscape. Pnina lives and works in New Jersey.
            Pnina’s  creative  force  is interjected into the most mundane subjects, endowing them with an almost   mystical fusion of reality and imagination. As one of her collectors, a poet described, “Pnina’s photography reads like poetry. It has the ability to transport the viewer into a magical world.”  


About the technique:

            Pnina takes a picture with a Polaroid  camera  using the Polaroid instant  sx70 film. After  the  film  has  been  exposed, she immediately warms it up; this  is done in order  to keep  the film emulsion in a fluid form. At this stage, the image is ready to be manipulated with  Pnina’s  unique style. Working  with a  magnifying  glass  and  petit  sculpting  tools, Pnina  starts  gently  to move and  push the  emulsion.  After  this  process  is completed to her satisfaction, the film is cooled  and the emulsion is set down permanently.

 In  order  to enlarge  the  picture, the photograph  is  scanned  by a high-resolution scanner and  then printed on either archival  paper or canvas – the size of the final work of art can vary.

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