Talli Rosner-Kozuch

 Talli lived and worked in London, Paris, Italy, Israel and currently resides in New Jersey, USA. Since 1986, she has been working as a freelance photographer, a fine art artist, and a teacher for mixed media and photography.

She opened Talli’s Fine Art Gallery in New York City  and has been curating a variety of shows that included  prints, ,paintings and photographs. Her work has been published worldwide by the New York Graphics Society and Scandecor and is part of the Polaroid collection as well many private and companies’ collections(Pfizer and other,pharmacuitical companies).

Talli’s areas of expertise include black and white mural prints, color prints, non-silver processes, Platinum prints, photo printmaking and mixed media works.  Her images range from portraiture and documentary through landscape and still life. The light in her images symbolizes a surrealistic, dreamy “state of mind”