Vincent Tylor

Aloha all!
I was born in Washington D.C., though lived most of my life throughout Virginia before moving to Kauai, Hawaii at the end of 1997 with my wife and three kids. The allure was a warmer climate and a healthier,
active lifestyle. I am 43 years old now and have no plans to leave this very special place.

I first became serious about photography in 1998 while trying to capture my own images for a new gift idea, since the thought of paying other people for stock-usage did not sit too well with me. It did not take very long however after getting started before I realized I had found a new career; something I truly enjoyed doing, a very satisfying kind of work. Words are not easy tofind that describe the feelings when I am out in the natural elements, alone
with only my gear, capturing on film the beauty that surrounds us all.
Whether shooting locally on Kauai, taking a short flight to one of the other islands or a month long shooting trip thousands of miles away, the satisfaction I enjoy from the experience of "getting out there" is
something you cannot put a price on. Waterfalls, mountains, valleys and canyons, beaches, flowers, wildlife, monuments, forests, streams, lava flows, seascapes, wildlife and more; I truly enjoy photographing all of it. Though most of what I shoot is Tropical in nature. I work every location as thoroughly and carefully as I possibly can, always trying to find something truly special, something unique and beautiful.

It is my goal to share these very special moments in time, captured on film with people all over the world. Currently we sell my images as fine-art prints and giclee in galleries and gift shops throughout the Hawaiian Islands and beyond. I hope that you too, can enjoy the beauty of this very special place!
A hui hou from the islands,


Beautiful Giclee, fully stretched, ready to hang on your wall.  

       16"x20"                 $320.00

       11"x14"                 $195.00

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