Ian Cameron - UK

I have always had an overwhelming passion for photography, particularly when representing the beauty of my adopted home, Scotland. 

The essence of good landscape photography seems to boil down to three things: composition, timing and light. It is my belief that this final ingredient, light, its colour, quality and strength is the biggest single infuence on the success of the final image. 

Scotland more than any other country I have tackled, challenges the photographer's patience and skill.  It has always seemed to me like trying to land a feisty salmon on a thin fishing line. In photographic terms if the timing, elements, lighting and subject material are not persuaded into coherency, then, as with fishing, the hook is slipped, the line breaks and the moment of triumph passes.

Transient light perfectly describes that moment.  Ian searches both the wide and intimate landscape for those magical seconds when all the elements align.  These extraordinary moments pass all too rapidly and subside back to the mundane. 

Publications : Kodak calendar 2002, John Muir Wild nature Year book 2003/4, Wanderlust Travel Photography book, Grampian Police Force Christmas card, Advertising bill board Earls court Destinations Travel Show 2003, Outdoor Photographer Portfolio book, frequent exposure in all international major photographic magazines. 


       image area 20.5 x 16.5 inches unframed $550.00 editioned (100)

       image area 24.5 x 20.5 inches unframed $700.00 editioned  (50)

       image area 30.5 x 24.5 inches unframed $950.00 editioned  (50)

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